What is Padlet?

Padlet is an online noticeboard that helps digitize content and facilitates group collaborations. The tool allows you to create and upload content, such as text, images, and videos to padlets using templates and custom layouts. Padlet is also a loved educational resource for schools and universities across the globe.

Padlet District-wide License for All Teachers, Staff, and Students!

UPDATE: Padlet has identified that we are not all using the District upgraded license of the tool. Some users did not manage to redeem their upgrade successfully. Padlet has created a special link that you can use to redeem your upgraded account:

padlet dashboard and options in platform

Padlet dashboard

Padlet has a variety of collaborative boards to choose from to get started

You can log into Padlet through the MCS App Portal or directly at Just click Log In at the top right corner to get started. I suggest Log in with the "Log in with Google" button to make it easy to sign in with your District email address and password. Anyone with email address will automatically have the Pro Version of Padlet meaning unlimited Padlet boards you can make!

What is Padlet? Padlet is an online collaborate interactive multimedia bulletin boards you can create for a variety of purposes.

What's new in Padlet?

Here are 10 new Padlet features you should know about:

  • Templates

  • Mark as template

  • Post customization

  • Dashboard multiselect

  • Recently deleted padlets

  • Breakout links

  • Submission request links

  • Pinned posts

  • Comment formatting

  • Improved PDF exports


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Padlet How-to Videos