Modesto City Schools consists of two separate school districts – an elementary district that serves students in kindergarten through 8th grade, and a high school district that serves students in grades 9 through 12.

With 34 schools and a range of high-quality programs including pre-school, alternative education, vocational education, after-school programs, GATE, and adult education, we know that you will find a school or program that will meet your educational needs.

  1. All children between the ages of 6-18 years are subject to compulsory full-time education, unless specifically exempted. (Education Code 48200)

  2. The Governing Board encourages the enrollment and appropriate placement of all school-aged children in school. The Superintendent or designee shall inform parents/guardians of children entering a district school at any grade level about admission requirements and shall assist them with enrollment procedures.

  3. Before enrolling any child in a district school, the Superintendent or designee shall verify the child’s age, residency, immunization, and other applicable eligibility criteria specified in law, the accompanying administrative regulation, or other applicable Board policy or administrative regulation.

  4. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the enrollment of a homeless or foster child or a child of a military family is not delayed because of outstanding fees or fines owed to the child’s last school or for his/her inability to produce previous academic, medical, or other records normally required for enrollment.

  5. In addition, no child shall be denied enrollment in a district school solely on the basis of his/her arrest, adjudication by a juvenile court, formal or informal supervision by a probation officer, detention in a juvenile facility, enrollment in a juvenile court school, or other contact with the juvenile justice system. (Education Code 48645.5)

  6. The Superintendent or designee shall not inquire into or request documentation of a student’s citizenship or immigration status, and shall not deny a student enrollment in a district school on the basis of the citizenship or immigration status of the student or his/her parents/guardians. Any information obtained about a student’s or parent/guardian’s citizenship or immigration status shall not be shared without parent/guardian consent or a lawful judicial order, in accordance with laws pertaining to the confidentiality of student records.

  7. A student shall not be denied enrollment based on the parent/guardian’s refusal to provide the student’s or parent/guardian’s social security number. During the enrollment process, students are parents/guardians shall be informed that disclosure of their social security number is voluntary.

  8. When enrolling in any district school, including a school in their attendance area, children whose parents/guardians reside within district boundaries shall be subject to the timelines established by the Board for open enrollment. Children whose parents/guardians do not reside within the district or who are not otherwise eligible for enrollment in the district may apply for inter-district attendance in accordance with the timelines specified in applicable Board policies and administrative regulations.