What is NetRef?

NetRef is our new replacement to LanSchool for Student Device Manager Software!

NetRef allows Teachers to manage student devices to keep them on focus in the classroom and at home during Distance Learning and Virtual Learning.

Teachers can set engagement goals for reporting if students were on the educational tools that students must be on for the designated amount of time.

NetRef includes:

  • Web-based App with a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use for beginners

  • Easily identify when students are on task

  • Create Allow and Block Lists that can be shared with other teachers

  • Share the Teacher Screen or a Student Screen with the entire class

  • Documents Internet history and screenshots automatically

  • View Student Screens and see all open web browser tabs

  • Syncs with PowerSchool to automatically create your classes and load your students

  • Internal bell schedule by school site that automatically releases students to their next teacher

  • Send websites to an individual or an entire class to their device where you want them to go online

  • Pause the screens to get attention to an individual or an entire class

  • Communicate with students via instant message

How to Login to NetRef

Teachers click on the NetRef Faculty app in the MCS App Portal to login.

NetRef syncs with PowerSchool nightly and automatically creates your classes and students for you to see when you log in.

How to Use NetRef

Quick Videos

Quick Video: Navigating

Note: We login to NetRef through MCS App Portal and use the NetRef Faculty App

Quick Video: Student and Classroom Setup

Quick Video: Right side tools

Quick Video: Create Allow and Blocklists

Quick Video: Create a Permanent Blocklist for your Class

Quick Video: Class Option Settings

Data and Reports

Teacher Classroom Reports

Teacher Engagement and Virtual Attendance Reports

Longer Form Videos

Full Training Video (22min)

Note: We login to NetRef through MCS App Portal and use the NetRef Faculty App

Recorded Webinar Training for Teachers (40min)

Recorded Webinar Community

Discussion on using NetRef with Distance Learning (50min)


netref page screenshot and arrow pointing

Question: I only see website names and tabs that students are on, how do I see the student's screens?

Answer: At the bottom right corner you may need to click on the switch, it flips from Tabs to Screen views.

Show both First and Last Name for Students in NetRef

  1. Click your drop-down menu next to your teacher name in the top right corner

  2. Choose Preferences

  3. Choose Both option for Student Name Options

  4. Save

screenshots of netref options and tabs

Question: How do I know if NetRef is working?

Answer: If you can log in then it is working, if you are not able to log in then NetRef may be working to fix an issue on their servers.

Question: I don't see all of my students screens in NetRef?

Answer: NetRef can only manage student screens if the student is on their district computer device. NetRef does not work on a students own personal computer device.

Contact the Help Desk and Call Center if you encounter additional issues using NetRef.