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Principal Dan Park
1717 Sylvan Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Tutoring And Learning Center

Beyer High School’s Tutoring Learning Center (TLC) is open daily during Period 0 (7:00-7:49am) and Period 8 (2:06-2:59pm).   TLC is staffed with a credentialed teacher, as well as peer tutors to help students.  TLC is located in I-25.

  • TLC offers academic support in all academic subjects,
  • A quiet homework environment and access to student computers. 
  • Last school year, there were over 4200 visits to TLC. 

Students:  When you enter TLC, sign in and find the teacher or peer tutor – ask for help!  Visit TLC as often as needed!

NOTE:  TLC is closed afterschool on Early Release Days.

TLC Teachers:

Period 0:  Mr. Richards         Period 8:  Ms Toscano