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Principal Dan Park
1717 Sylvan Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Counseling Department

Nadene GalasNadene Galas
Assistant Principal; Pupil Services
(209) 574-1658


Brianne DuranBrianne Duran
College Counselor   D-Wing Office
(209) 492-5729


Sheryl ChamberlainDr. Sheryl Chamberlain
Alpha: A - G
Academic Counselor I-Wing Office
(209) 492-1788

Lourdes CrawfordLourdes Crawford
Academic Couneslor   I-Wing Office
Alpha: H – M
(209) 492-3088

Jesika FarhadiJesika Farhadi
Academic Counselor   I-Wing Office
Alpha: N – Z & Foster Students
(209) 492-3443

Bring any student in need of Crisis Counseling to the Counseling Office.  Please have the student escorted by a trusted peer or call the Student Supervision Office (574-1656) for a campus supervisor to escort the student if you feel it is warranted.  Also, please call 574-1658 or send an email to the Counseling Office personnel and Nadene Galas so that we know the student is coming to us.  We will make sure the student is seen by a counselor.