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Principal Dan Park
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Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Progress Reports

A written progress report shall be sent at or near the mid-point of each marking period to the parents or guardians of pupils in danger of receiving a failing grade at the completion of that marking period.

The progress report shall notify the parents or guardians of the pupil’s current grade and the reasons the pupil is failing or in danger of doing so.

No pupil shall be given an “F” grade or its equivalent if a progress report has not been issued in time for remedial action.

Notification of Parents or Guardians of Students in Danger of Failing

At any time prior to or following the issuance of the written mandatory progress reports, parents or guardians must be notified either at a conference or with a written report if their child is in danger of failing a course or subject.

The report cards or grading conferences at the regularly designated marking periods and the written mandatory progress reports issued at the mid-point of the marking periods shall also be considered formal notification of parents or guardians of pupils in danger of failing.

The determination of possible failure should be based upon a reasonable body of classroom work including examinations.

Failure of a parent or guardian to respond either to the mandatory progress report or the notification of possible failure does not preclude failure of the pupil.